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Welcome To Why So Salty .com

WSS is a community for +18 individuals looking for friends with an interest in gaming, movies, chatting, just killing time and getting to know each other.

Features a cool ‘profile builder’ when you first join where you react to questions to help find others with similar interests.

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About This Discord

The biggest rule is to not be a dick, we’re adults here and we should at least try to respect one another, but also put up with one another reasonably.

You will first come to the Rules and Information room, make sure to set all of the roles here (you can return later and change them) as some will change what areas of the discord you have access to based on your interests. This feature is there to help members connect with one another and make friends with similar interests. You can right click on any members name, then click Roles on the list to view their responses to those questions.

Server Rules:

1) Don’t be a dick.

2) No spamming, bots are in place…..

3) No pestering moderators or members.

4) Homophobic / Racial / Sexist antics not permitted. We are not trying to be hardcore PC, but again, Rule Number 1 applies..

5) Rule number 4 goes the other way also, screaming about not being PC enough will get you banned. Everyone is expected to either put up with each other or block the person that they find offensive.

6) Acting like a child (being annoying, making noises, pestering members, ect) will get you banned.

WSS Blog / Updates:

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