18+ Discord Community of Gamers & Friends
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Looking to connect with other adult gamers on Discord? 

We know the stress, trying to find a server that isn’t filled with salty kids, rampid youthfulness or other distractions that make it hard to feel comfortable.

You are not alone and you do not need to ‘try and fit in’ to a community that is exposing you to childish antics. Why So Salty is a community designed from the ground up to be fairly simple:
– Be friendly
– Don’t be a shitty person
– Be over 18

Those are the basic rules, although we have a few more on the front page of the website… 

Getting started is a little different from other Discord servers, by design and intent! We have methods in place to reduce spam, control content delivery and improve ease of connecting with other members of the server. All easy to use and include not one bit of code or commands to be done by you – we’ve taken the work out of the process for you!

If you arrive and feel that there are interests / games / ect that you are interested in which are not there, let us know! There’s a suggestions room that is made Just For That!

Hope to talk to you soon!