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WSS is a community for +18 individuals looking for friends with an interest in gaming, movies, chatting, just killing time and getting to know each other.

Why So salty is not like all other Discords, it’s been built so that when you first arrive you are on a page where you can use ‘reactions’ to build a ‘profile’ for yourself.

By doing this you permit or restrict access to different areas of this same discord server and thus promote, or limit exposure to different things.

For example, if you click the ‘thumbs up’ icon reaction to Flight Simulator, you will then be joined to that area of the discord, exposed to that conversation and when a member right clicks on your name, under roles, they can see you are a part of it. This special method of sorting content and access helps connect people with others of similar interest – but also remove content you are not interested in. The best part is you can return to the Rules_and_Roles channel at any time to unselect items and thus remove yourself from that topic within seconds.

In addition, steps have been taken to help limit spam, needless tagging of others and similar upsets that Discord, by default, will allow to slip through.

We are working in every way possible to improve perfecting the server so that adults, who have limited time but want targeted interests with others, can find that content.

Features a cool ‘profile builder’ when you first join where you react to questions to help find others with similar interests.

Stop by, take a few minutes to answer a few questions right on the Discord server and see your profile come together! Make new friends and help be a part of a quality, adult oriented gamers & social community!